GDPR and Facial Recognition

Facial recognition has become an essential part of security in recent years with our Biomatch FR System at the forefront of biometric technology.

However, there are concerns about data protection and privacy for the individual particularly where systems record and store digital images of people that may be used to identify them later on.

This is where our Biomatch FR comes into its own. Our system converts a digital image into a mathematical vector thus discarding the original image. The recognition is based only on the digital footprint and this is meaningless to anybody outside of the system. A person's image cannot be recreated from the vector. This therefore complies with GDPR and data protection laws and is only used for entry systems, security and marketing purposes. 

Our software uses data from live cameras and cross checks it with enrolment databases (or any other database). The system can then generate an appropriate action alert. For example, it may generate a confirmation if the person is in the enrolment database or an alert if the person isn’t. This is perfect for identifying persons who should or should not have entry to a building which is an essential security feature for many offices, schools and hospitals for example. 

Our security based product offering relies on customisable watch lists, camera handling and straightforward integration to exceed the needs of clients. It can be integrated with a state of the art control panel for stats analysis which can be used for marketing purposes, for example to identify customer trends in store.

CDN Networks comprises of technologists, IT developers, analysts, and marketers, all dedicated to a mission.  We leverage our different skill sets and personalities to promote our leading World Class Facial Recognition technology.

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