Embracing the New Smart World Post Lockdown

Urban cities have towns have been eerily quiet in recent months as the coronavirus lockdown has hit the pause button on normal life.

Whilst many of us have missed the shops and cafes, we have also appreciated the temporary respite from noise, pollution and congestion.

As urban life starts to awaken once again, questions are being being asked about how we can improve urban life permanently. And Smart technology is at the forefront of this thinking.

Robots and drones have been helping to keep people safe during the lockdown. For example, the Boston Dynamics Spot robot has been used to help enforce social distancing in Singapore, while drone regulation has helped Zipline to deliver medical supplies to hospitals in Carolina. Telepresence robots have helped connect people in quarantine.

Not only has Smart technology proved to be helpful and vital in some instances to help save lives, people are also considering permanent changes to transport, via electric vehicles and bikes that make use of Smart technology. People are becoming more aware of the benefits of Smart technology for the planet than ever before.

Firms are starting to question the need for big, expensive, centrally located offices and remote working may now become the norm. We may see more flexible buildings, ones that can adapt to the short-term need for greater social distancing but also, in the future, to changing economics which might mean offices need to become retail outlets or even homes.

While track and trace apps have had mixed reviews and success, localised neighbourhood apps that keep people informed about rubbish collection times or enable them to help a sick neighbour have soared in popularity.

Even smartphones that people are carrying around are now being used for tracking to help control the virus.

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