Wi-Fi 6 - Wi-Fi is about to get faster!

Wi-fi 6 is pending, a new, impending wireless standard to be rolled out at some point in 2021.

Wi-Fi 6 will do the same thing as Wi-Fi 6 , connect you to the internet, but with a bunch of technologies that should make it faster and more efficient. 

Every new WLAN generation brings fresh capabilities, with Wi-Fi 6 promising improvements in modulation, spatial streams, frequency bands and overall performance but at the same power levels as Wi-Fi 5. Further, Wi-fi 5 maximum data rate is around 3.5 Gbps whereas Wi-fi 6 may max at around a whopping 10 Gbps, whilst allowing eight streams against a current four. These are the greatest benefits of Wi-fi 6.

In summary the benefits are:

Faster, strong and with more powerful performance with more throughout and capacity than previous generations of Wi-Fi.

8x8 special streams, meaning more clients can be serviced simultaneously and more efficiency can be achieved.

Both the uplink and downlink directions for MU-MIMO signalling are supported, so it should work better.

Supports WPA3 which offers additional security.

You may require a change in adapters and equipment if looking to take advantage of Wi-fi 6, so please Contact us for further information.