wifi and networking

Our Competitive Advantages

CDN Networks has built a reputation around its quality of network builds, with wifi, installation and products that are robust and offer the ultimate in reliability to supports your connectivity requirements. Our service focuses on supporting clients to ensure their campuses remain connected wherever they are and however far apart 24/7/365.

Driving competitive advantage through our state of the art technology, we fix the wifi and networking problems other companies can't. In fact, we are the UK's leading white label provider of wifi and networking technology, supporting many UK resellers in their site surveys, installation and maintenance of networking and wifi systems. 

When it comes to designing infrastructure for office blocks, schools, retail outlets and housing projects it pays to get things right from the start. This is where our experienced team come in. We start with a site survey and weight up the possibilities, providing a solution that is the best fit for the client need, building and geography.

Where the infrastructure is in place but not working adequately, we are able to troubleshoot and plan a solution  - over the years we have fixed many issues and through experience can identify and fix issues quickly and efficiently.

Contact us today to see what's possible for your organisation. We are CDN Networks - we are the future of wifi!